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Bronze Sculpture – Mystic Vision CA Parnell
Part of Legacies of the West Premier Edition. Collection consists of 8 sculptures, this bronze depicts Chief Sitting Bull, a Dakota Sioux who lived 1831-1890. Won 1990 Collector Edition’s Award of Excellence. Issued 1/90, Sold out 8/90.





militariaMilitaria are artifacts of military, police, etc. collected for historical significance, Such antiques include firearms, swords, knives, uniforms, helmets and other headgear, armor, military orders and decorations, challenge coins and awards, badges, buttons and insignia, military art, sculpture and prints; ephemera such as cigarette cards, photographs, antiquarian books, magazines and posters, scale models and toy soldiers, items of combat equipment, and field gear.





Tom Seaver BaseballSigned Tom Seaver Baseball
Tom Seaver pitched from 1967-1987 for four different teams, but is primarily known for time with the NY Mets, He won over 300 games in his career and was elected to the hall of Fame in 1982. He has the only plaque at Cooperstown wearing a Mets cap. He is the Mets all-time leader in wins, and is considered by many baseball experts as one of the best starting pitchers in the history of baseball.





G I Joe1944 Unique Arts GI Joe Jouncing Jeep Wind-up Tin Litho Toy
Tin plate toys were developed in the mid 19th century in Germany. The toys were made with thin sheets of steel plated with tin, hence the name tinplate. The most successful firm after WWII was Louis Marx and Company. Other collectible toys are Buddy L, Tonka, Steelcraft, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Bandai, Ertl, Structo, Fisher Price, Disney, Arcade Cast Iron, Ohio Art Tin, J. Chein, Linemar, Cragstan, Wyandotte, Keystone, Lumar, Schucco amongst others.



LLadro Porcelain Figurine “Sweet Scent”LLadro Porcelain Figurine “Sweet Scent”
The company was founded in 1953 by three brothers; in a village near Valencia, Spain. It wasn’t until 1956, that they started making the porcelain figures that have made them famous. They started out adapting styles from past eras, but it was not long before certain characteristics appeared that would soon shape what was to become the Lladro style. Lladro figures are celebrations of life they reflect our emotions, joys and memories.





NJ_license_plate1916 NJ License Plate with Badge and Motor Oil Glass Bottle with Spout
Automobilia is a term that can be used to describe any historical artifacts or collectible linked to motor racing, motoring and motorsport personalities. Artifacts in an automobilia collection theme could include items connected to a specific individual, or objects of a specific type such as radiator mascots, Art, models, books, toys, flags, and clothing.






hummel its rainingGoebel Hummel “Is It Raining”
Goebel started making high-end dinnerware and figurines in 1876 in the Town of Oeslau in what is now Germany. In 1934 Franz Goebel found the holy grail of Goebel’s Figurines, the M.I. Hummel line. Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel was a gifted artist who caught Goebel’s attention. She would only allow Goebel to make the figurines if she had all final approval on sculpture and painting. This is why all Hummel’s have a facsimile of her signature.





Royal Doulton “Lady Marilyn”Royal Doulton “Lady Marilyn”
The Royal Doulton is an English company producing tableware and collectibles, dating to 1815. Today, Royal Doulton is a world-class brand in quintessential British tableware, collectible figurines, crystal glass and giftware. Royal Doulton is not only one of the world’s oldest chinaware companies, it is also one of the most up to date.